Continuous Improvement:

1. Execute the strategic plan

  • Review and update annually

2. Comply with state and federal laws

  • Review and update policies and procedures periodically

3. Manage the budget

  • Annual expenditures shall not exceed annual revenues
  • Maintain a fund balance equal to or greater than four months operating expenses

4. Maintain high performing learning environments

  • Review and update the district’s 10-year maintenance plan biennially
  • Prioritize capital projects annually
  • Review and update the district’s technology plan annually

5. Provide training for district stakeholders

  • Review and update the district’s professional development plan annually
  • Deliver community training

6. Implement stewardship through strategic investment

  • Manage bonds, levies, property, and investments
  • Conduct an annual independent audit
  • Coordinate payments and revenue with local, state, and federal agencies

7. Evaluate contracted services

  • Implement a quality bid/selection process
  • Review and evaluate contracts for service providers annually

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