Level I Nurse Services

Legal Issues
Being a caretaker for over 1000 students in the District carries an immense responsibility. The principals and teachers must all understand that parents trust them with their student’s safety. They do not accept any compromise.

Medical Alerts/Medically Fragile Students

Medically fragile students are individuals who have life threatening medical issues such as allergies, asthma, seizures or diabetes. It is essential for parents and physicians to work with the school nurse so determine appropriate expectations for school interventions. This includes but is not limited to secure storage of medication, administering medication, medical data collection and symptoms monitoring. Expectations and essential medical information in the form of student alerts and emergency care plans are distributed to appropriate staff members following FERPA guidelines. Many medically fragile students have a written IEP or 504 plan.

All school staff members are required to receive training for Blood borne pathogens, accident prevention, sexual harassment and confidentiality.  Teachers and aids who work with medically fragile students need to have additional emergency training specific to the needs of their students. Administration of epinephrine and glucagon are two examples. CPR and first aid are often required of some positions.

Medical Crisis/ Contagious Disease Management
Injuries and unexpected emergencies occur in schools. Responding to these emergencies and training others to respond appropriately are an essential service that parents and the community expect of schools.

Storage and Administration of Medications
Medications need to be stored in a locked cabinet in an area with limited and monitored access. This is usually in the nurse’s office or infirmary. A secretary’s desk is not acceptable. Accurate administration of medications and record keeping is critical.

Immunization Records
Infectious diseases and the threat to public health has led to state laws that require students to be properly immunized. The state law also requires schools to screen the records, enforce the requirements and submit a report.

Privacy and Confidentiality
Medical treatment, record keeping and dispensing of medications carries a level of confidentiality. These activities should be done in a private area by a designated person that the student (patient) is comfortable with.

Partnering with Families
Medically fragile students with multiple handicaps require a special level of coordination and communication between home and school. In many cases the students cannot communicate for themselves if they have dangerously low blood sugar or are feeling sick.