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IHSAA Announcement

TO: IHSAA Member Schools
FROM: Idaho High School Activities Association
RE: State Sponsored sports & activities
The Idaho High School Activities Association, in the response to COVID-19, and to best serve
our member schools, student participants, coaches and Idaho families are announcing the
• Cancellation of the Association’s State Cheer/Dance Championships, this event will not
be re-scheduled.
• The State Debate Championship is still postponed as we work on the possibility of
combining with the State Speech Championships.
• Suspension of sanctioned sports and activities for all of its member schools effective
Tuesday, March 17 through Sunday April 5th.
Implementing cancellations and/or suspension is taken in part with consultation with public
health officials to implement best practices in slowing the spread of COVID 19 and therefore aid
in protection of students and the general public; to reduce competitive inequity among member
schools and in an effort to have the opportunity to hold our spring state tournaments/events on
the assigned dates/sites as those dates will not be extended.
During the suspension, IHSAA member schools are not to compete in games or contests.
Member schools are not to conduct practices in IHSAA sanctioned sports at any location.
Neither member schools nor their coaches nor student athletes are to hold meetings. Member
schools are not to allow students or coaches at any IHSAA member school to use the school’s
athletic facilities for a practice, game or contest in any IHSAA sanctioned sport regardless of the
affiliation (club or otherwise) of the group seeking to use the facilities. The use of athletic
facilities for currently scheduled classes as a part of the regular school curriculum such as P.E.
classes is allowed. Rule 8-11, Outside Competition is still in effect.
The IHSAA office as well as the Board of Directors, will continue to monitor the rapidly
changing landscape of the COVID-19 information and will work with our member schools and
health officials to make informed and well thought out decisions.
Additional information will be sent to schools and/or districts as it becomes available.


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