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U.S. News and World Reports Ranks MDHS #1!

U.S. News and World Reports ranked McCall-Donnelly High School #1 in the state of Idaho in its 2018 report.  This is truly a unique opportunity and very difficult to achieve, given that McCall-Donnelly High School is the only ranked high school in the state of Idaho in which 100% of the district's students were included in the results.  Results always lag by a year and a half.  These results are reflective of the 2015-2016 school year.  2017-2018 appears to be even stronger!  We're all curious to see what happens when results are released in 2020.

This achievement is reflective of a larger community effort of care and concern for its students.  The McCall-Donnelly School District enjoys a postive, constructive relationship with its patrons, families, local businesses, emergency services, non-profit organizations and friends.  Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to the well-being of our youth.  Thank you to the professionals in our classrooms for their tireless efforts to work individually with students to meet their needs.  And, thank you to the families and community members who log more than 5,000 hours of collective volunteer service time every year.  

This is an incredible community and we're fortunate to continue to serve you.