Special Programs

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Build skills for citizens.

Special Programs  


Program Description

McCall-Donnelly School District's Special Programs promotes and provides educational opportunities for all students equitably.

Special education is defined as instruction that is specially designed to meet the unique needs of a child, with a disability, as outlined in the State of Idaho Special Education manual. The goal is to ensure that the child is able to access and gain benefit from the general education curriculum.

How Special Programs Contributes to MDSD's Mission:

  • Provides supportive environment meeting basic needs, people believe in students, food, safety etc.

  • Provides HQ staff, quality curriculum, behavioral support.

  • All people have productive roles in communities, treat all people with respect, relate school experience to post school.

  • Behavioral, social, emotional supports – critical thinking.

How Special Programs Contributes to MDSD's Goals:

  • Climate – District wide, promote/provide educational opportunities for all students equitably.

  • Achievement – In buildings promote/model/practice behavior to build skills for citizens.

  • Share evaluation with principals to promote building and district achievement goals.

  • Provide staff development to increase student achievement and build/enhance school climate.

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