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Behind the Wheel Training  



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About Driver's Education

Who: Any Idaho resident, FULL-TIME student age: 14 years, 6 months, and older - Idaho Driver's Training Learner's Permit required

Where: McCall-Donnelly School District

How: 30-hour online coursework through IDLA (Idaho Digital Learning Alliance) over six weeks - Paired with (6) two-hour “Behind the Wheel” sessions (1-hour driving, 1-hour observing).

When: ALL 2024 sessions are open for registration.  Please follow the link below to register your student for a spring or summer Driver's Education session.

Available dates:

  • Session 1 - April 1 through May 10 FULL

  • Session 2 - May 20 through June 28 FULL

  • Session 3 - July 8 through August 16 FULL

  • September - October: TENTATIVE

Cost: The MDSD Driver’s Education Program is $350.00 per student.*

* Students are now able to use their Advanced Opportunity funds to reduce the out-of-pocket expense of the program, lowering the cost from $350 to $125. Please click HERE to learn more about Advanced Opportunities.

If you would like to register your student for one of the spring or summer 2024 sessions - please CLICK HERE

Scan here to add your name to the notification list request for the 2024 sessions

Additional Info

Questions?  Please contact Ginger Hughes at 208-477-1189