Principal's Message

  • Dear Students, Parent/Guardian, Staff, and Significant others:


    I would like to welcome you to Heartland High School. The school’s mission is dedicated to helping students overcome adversity and providing a quality educational experience. Every year Heartland High School (HHS) administers an application process to select the student body. There are a variety of reasons why students choose Heartland High School.
    Heartland High School staff expects students to demonstrate a commitment to their education and willingness to make positive changes in their own lives. The programs are designed to combine learning in an academic and social skills setting using a different class schedule than a traditional high school program. Heartland High School staff is dedicated in assisting students define structure in their lives as well as assisting in setting academic and personal goals. While there is a great deal of community and staff support for students who are willing to help themselves, there is limited tolerance for students who disrupt the educational process or diminish the value of the program for others.
    We look forward to a great year of learning and we welcome those who would like to work as a team to promote the success of our students.