PLC Training

District growth supported by athlete’s safety, increasing teacher resources, excitement, and financial stability.

1. We are still growing

MDSD enrollment for 2022-2023 school year is at 1384 students, 50 more from the start of last school year. Continued growth of the school district is starting to cause space issues. Discussion and planning for future growth will be taking place soon.

2. Keeping student athletes safe with IDHSAA concussion standards

MDSD has adopted new concussion protocol developed in collaboration with St. Luke’s and is up to code with Idaho High School Activities Association. The new protocol creates consistency regarding the safety protocols for our athletes. We will continue to focus on ensuring the safety of student athletes.

3. Mindfulness Matters

Melissa Maini discussed her sabbatical; a period she states she was gifted time and resources to study mindfulness. She was very excited for the opportunity to learn breathing and calming techniques for teaching mindfulness to children when they are in a safe, controlled environment. Practicing these techniques helps them when tensions are heightened, thus setting them up for success.

4. High Reliability Schools (HRS) monthly update

Instructional Coaches, Lisa Pingrey and Lesley Doane, shared they have 14 staff members in their mentoring program. The purpose of the instructional coaches and mentoring program is to find more ways to support teaching staff, provide resources and develop a collaborative learning environment. They are focusing on job-embedded professional development, including instructional rounds, building the Professional Learning Community (PLC) process, and Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics Book study. There are currently 18 staff members from diverse teaching backgrounds participating and using the learned techniques in their classrooms. Department meetings that are embracing the PLC model have concluded those participating feel like they now how focus that they have not had before. Check back monthly for their updates on this program!

5. MDSD audit shows fiscal responsibility and accurate records       

Quest CPA commended MDSD Director of Finance on keeping accurate records. His report showed that all numbers were accurate, and in compliance with no negative findings in the year’s audit. He highlighted strong financial performance across the board. Great job, Penny!

6. Professional Development Day added to District calendar

MDSD was offered the chance to have Dr. Phil Warrick from Marzano Resources come for a Professional Development Day on Friday, February 24, 2023. Dr. Warrick is a global presenter in the areas of high reliability school leadership, instruction, assessment, grading and collaborative teaming. He is currently booked out two to three years, so the opportunity to bring world class professional development to McCall-Donnelly staff was an easy decision. The districts intentional focus on best practice in teaching and learning will be supported by Dr. Warrick’s training. February 24th will mean no school for MDSD students.

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