• 2019-2020 Class Registration Instructions


    Class Planning and Registration may seem like a complicated process but if you follow all of these steps (in order!) it can be straightforward and easy!

    If you have questions along the way please talk to Mrs. Shepard :)

    To view the presentation shared at Registration Night please follow this link: Registration Information


    • 1) Double-check your credits and progress towards graduation
    1. Use the Graduation Checklist form and PowerSchool's Graduation Plan Progress screen to check off classes that you have earned credit for.
    2. Highlight classes that you have lost credit in or are missing so that you remember to register for them later on.
    3. Refer back to the Graduation Requirements form if needed.
    • 2) Complete your 4-Year Plan in Naviance
    1. Using Naviance, create/edit your 4-Year Course Plan
    2. Log in to Naviance
    3. Navigate to the Course Planner tool
    4. Create and submit a 4-Year Course Plan
    5. Refer to the Making a 4-Year Plan in Naviance packet for detailed instructions.
    • 3) Register for 2019-2020 Classes in PowerSchool
    1. Log into your student PowerSchool
    2. Click “Class Registration”
    3. Click the pencil edit button in each class category
    4. Select your desired class
    5. Repeat for each category and each semester
    6. Be sure to include the Alternate Requests (there are your elective back-ups, just in case you don’t get your first choice)

    ***The Class Registration screen will be available to you until March 15th. You can come back and edit your classes until then***

    • 4) Complete your Post-Secondary Plan in Naviance
    1. Log into Naviance
    2. Scroll down to Important To-Dos and Tasks
    3. Select “Complete the Post-Secondary Plan”
    4. Click on the link next to the pink arrow
    5. Answer the questions to the best of your ability and submit!