Green Committee Charge

  • Reports to: Superintendent

    Department:  Operations/Instruction

    Focus Areas: 

    1. Assist with accomplishing the Board Policy 9115, Green School Initiative Policy:

    • a. Plan and execute the district wide environmental stewardship training days
    • b. Research and provide the faculty with examples of ecological literacy curriculum
    • c. Host an annual review meeting with all the Green Teams in the district
    • d. Supervise (in concert with the district curriculum staff member) the integration of ecological literacy into the K - 12 curriculums where appropriate

    2. Provide information to the Superintendent related to:

    • a. Preparation of long and short term goals related to Green Initiatives
    • b. Utilize metrics to assess results of Green Initiatives
    • c. Report progress and status of the district Green Committee

    Membership:  Operations Director, community member, Board of Trustees member, one representative from each school

    Type:  Advisory

    Meeting Dates:  As needed to meet deadlines and budgeting constraints



  • Chairperson:  Deirdre Abrams

    Members:  Sara Anderegg, Melissa Coriell, Judy Anderson, Jason Clay

    Committee Information