Department Overview

  • Schedule:

    Monday:  McCall-Donnelly High School - (208) 634-2218
    Tuesday:  Barbara Morgan Elementary - (208) 634-2219
    Wednesday:  Donnelly Elementary - (208) 325-4433 and Barbara Morgan Elementary - (208) 634-2219
    Thursday:  Payette Lakes Middle School - (208) 634-5994
    Friday:  Barbara Morgan Elementary - (208) 634-2219

    What do School Psychologists do?

    "School psychologists assist students to succeed academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally. They collaborate with educators, parents and other professionals to create safe, health, and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between home, school and the community for all students."

    As the District School Psychologist I service all the schools.

    • My primary role is to evaluate students to assist in providing appropriate interventions for their learning.
    • I work closely with the Counselors to provide assistance for students with Mental Health issues.
    • I serve on the Response to Intervention Teams at the elementary schools and the Problem Solving team for the high school.
    • I am a part of the Autism team that services the entire district providing support to teachers and families.
    • I am the chair person for the District  Wellness Committee. The Wellness Committee's focus is to promote healthy meals to our students, and provide employees with information for improving their health. 

    Helpful Links

    CHADD is a helpful website to find information regarding ADHD/ADD. This site provides useful information regarding things to do at home and how to help at school.

    National Alliance on Mental Illness: this is a helpful site to guide you in your search for information regarding a variety of mental health questions. There are a lot of links associated with this site.

    Russel Barkley website has of information regarding ADHD/ADD, including a parent link that provides helpful information.