• Drivers Education

    Interested in taking Drivers Education 2020? Please fill out the registration form below or sign up in the High School office in February.

    Classes are offered in the Spring and Summer. The oldest enrolled students will have first priority. You will be notified by Mr. Richards as to which class you will be placed in. If students are busy in extra-curricular activities after school hours, they may be assigned to a summer class session.
    The cost for Drivers Education is $210. This DOES NOT include permit or Department of Motor Vehicles driver's license testing.

    If you have questions call Mr. Richards 315-3618.

    2020 Class Dates

    • Spring Session:  April 6 - May 27th
    • 1st Summer Session: June 3 -July 2nd
    • 2nd Summer Session: July 6  - July 31st

    Parent and student orientation for Spring session is  March 11 @6:30pm, HS commons

    Parent and student orientation for Summer sessions is TBA

    Qualifications for Enrollment

    • A student MUST be at least 14 1/2 years old on the 1st day of class  
    • Student must be an Idaho resident
    • They must be enrolled and show proof that they are in a verifiable academic education program, be it a public, private or home-school setting
    • They must have a Social Security Card and a birth certificate issued by the state (not hospital issued) in which they were born

     At the parent/student meeting prior to class beginning, a list of other requirements necessary to purchase a PERMIT will be distributed. The permit can be purchased at the DMV office in Cascade or at other county seat DMV location.

    MDHS Online Driver’s Education Procedure
    1. Contact Mike Richards to confirm drive time availability for desired season.
                    Email: mrichards@mdsd.org
                    Phone: (208) 315-3618
    2. Obtain Driver’s Permit with Idaho DMV – Cascade
         a. Bring Verification of Compliance form (VOC)
            (You can get it from Dan Wheeler at MDHS or Bianca Imel at the District Office)
    3. Register for IDLA (Idaho Digital Learning Academy) Course with MDHS
         a. Contact Mrs. Shepard for IDLA Registration Form
         b. Provide Mrs. Shepard Driver’s Permit ID Number
         c. See IDLA Site for information about the class
    4. Complete IDLA Course and Drive Time
         a. Complete Orientation Course prior to the start of Driver’s Ed course
         b. Contact Mike Richards to arrange drive times
         c. Complete Online Course

    McCall-Donnelly High School - 208.634.2218


    Content Standards developed by The State Department of Education, Bureau of Driver Education, are followed. The textbook and accompanying materials, "How to Drive", are also used along with videos, Internet sites, newspaper articles and additional miscellaneous materials supplied by the instructor.


    In General

    Students must attend 30 hours of class time. They must also drive for 6 hours and observe for a minimum of 6 hours. There are no exceptions to these time requirements. Students are graded in three separate areas: driving, attitude and classroom on a pass-fail basis; letter grades are not given. 


    Please include the following information in the Message Box:

    1) Students First Name and Last Name

    2) Students Date of Birth and Age

    3) School Student Attends

    4) Parent Name

    5) Two Contact Phone Numbers



    Phone - 315-3618

    Biography: Mr Richards is the McCall-Donnelly district coordinator/instructor for Driver Education and has been an instructor since 2011. He is a retired Math & Science teacher who moved to McCall from Alaska.


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