Department Overview

  • The GATE facilitator works with parents, teachers, and students to accommodate for the individual needs of the gifted and talented students in the district. Gifted and talented children may be defined as those who exhibit marked exceptional abilities in the areas of intellect, creativity, leadership, and thinking skills. They have a higher performance capability and require differentiated and/or accelerated curricula to meet their unique learning needs and abilities. Please contact me with any concerns you may have with your GT child.
    Identified gifted and talented students at Barbara Morgan Elementary meet with the GATE facilitator for 30 minutes each day, Monday through Thursday, in a GATE pullout session. During the GATE pullout, students work through self-designed independent projects. Each project begins with a project proposal, which must be approved by the student's parents, classroom teacher, and GATE facilitator. The project proposal includes the final product and its due date, intermediate due dates, and state standards which will be addressed by the project.
    Identified GATE students at Payette Lakes Middle School may choose to enroll in the enrichment class, taught every day by the GATE facilitator. In this class, students work through self-designed independent projects in the same way as the elementary students in the GATE pullout.
    Identified GATE students at Donnelly Elementary meet with the GATE facilitator every Friday in a 30-minute GATE pullout session. During this time, students choose from a variety of activities that are designed to provide challenge and encourage creativity.