Deparment Overview

  • The McCall-Donnelly English as a  new Language (ENL) program serves students througout our district in grades K-12. The ENL program serves as a linguistic and cultural bridge for students whose first language is not English. The goal of the ENL program is to provide students with the language and skills that will empower them to have successful academic careers and to become contributing members of our society. Students are placed in the ENL program if their first language is any language other than English, and their English placement test determines that language services are needed. 

    The ENL program provides crucial English language development in the four domains of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. In addition to English language development, the ENL program enables students to access content specific curriculum by making the content comprehensible and by working closely with classroom teachers in all our schools. The McCall-Donnelly ENL program has served students from diverse areas including Russia, Israel, Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, the Czech Republic, Thailand, and the United States.

    ENL Handbook