Department Overview

  • How this department contributes to the mission of the school district:

    Provides support to district staff through accurate payroll, payment of contracts and monthly time, human resource management.
    Tracks, monitors, and pays accounts in a timely and accurate manner in accordance with district policy and goals.
    Effectiveness through knowledge and experience on state and federal mandates and fiscal management of school district.
    Awareness of how different departments work together and effect each other and how to accomplish main concerns of the district through monetary means and policy.
    Promotes and models best practices fiscally and operationally for effective school management.

    How this department contributes to the goals of the school district:

    Strategic planning implementation process 4.3 Align district budget development process with strategic plan. Provide info and expertise during budget process and monitor for use.
    Climate 1.4 Provide safe, clean and up to date facilities. Facility needs, monitoring working through construction issues and money.
    Climate 1.3 Recruitment and retention – work with housing program and liaison on child care cooperative efforts.
    Communication 3.4 Consistent two way communication with staff, parents and other community members. Communication with staff on benefit programs, retirement planning, district policies for personnel, new employee orientations.
    Strategic Planning implementation process 4.4 Report annually to board via audit, budget and annual report to board and SDE.