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Curriculum for Fifth Grade



 Welcome! Our class is on its way experiencing our learning! We have established our daily routines and are getting involved with interacting with our learning styles and sharing our thinking. We are writing in our logs daily to keep track of our vocabulary, experiences, and thoughts.


Social Studies

It is great to be a fifth grader as we will be learning about the the middle to late 1800's in American History. We are also learning the geography of the US states and capitals. This week we will be working on the next five states 45-50.




We will read stories. We are reading a new story from our text using the timeline of our curriculum. We are developing our reading strategies to make ourselves better readers. We visit the library at school each Friday. This week, we are answering the question " What is the real problem of the story?" Narrative text is the genre focus.




Language Arts


We will be working on the parts of speech. We will continue learning meanings of prefixes and suffixes. We will develop ideas in using tables and charts. Specific spelling rules will be practiced. Watch for the list of words to come home on Monday! We are also develping writing strategies from our new series. Daily writing is a focus for us. In spelling this week, we will be working on words with words with number prefixes. In Grammar, we will work on sentence combining . We will be taking the SBAC  ELA writing test Thursday and Friday.



We will be developing number sense strategies while continuing to develop more speed and accuracy of our basic facts. Fractions, percentages, and decimal numbers will be emphasized in the next months. Our students are writing a "How To" section in their binders to explain how they solve problems and new concepts. This week we will be working with conversion.


 Updated for week of April 27- May 1.

Mr. Sandeen