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Curriculum for Fifth Grade


     Thank you to the adults in the life of my special students! You have entrusted me with the most unique gift you have given to the world. I know you will allow them to continue their quest of discovery. They have been requested to continue to:

 read twenty minutes each weekday,

practice their math skills by assisting you at the store,

 continue to work on their fitness levels and musical expectations,

explain their thoughts and actions to you clearly.


     Don't forget that they can be involved by going to the public library for the Summer Reading Program, come to school on Wednesdays to check out books, enter into the community summer classes as per the handout I sent home, and to work with Think Through Math throughout the summer. We want them raring to go on day one of sixth grade!



For my new students looking ahead to the fall: Welcome! Our class will be on its way experiencing our learning. We will be establishing our daily routines and getting involved with interacting with our learning styles and sharing our thinking. We will be writing in our logs daily to keep track of our vocabulary, experiences, and thoughts.


Social Studies

It is great to b a fifth grader as we will be learning about the original thirteen colonies and the road to American independence. We are also learning the geography of the US states and capitals.




We will read stories. We are reading a new story from our text using the timeline of our curriculum. We are developing our reading strategies to make ourselves better readers. We visit the library at school each Friday. This unit, we are answering the Essential Question of " How do we decide what is important?"




Language Arts


We will be working on the parts of speech. We will continue learning meanings of prefixes and suffixes. We will develop ideas in using tables and charts. Specific spelling rules will be coming shortly. Watch for the list of words to come home on Monday! We are also develping writing strategies from our new series. Daily writing is a focus for us.



We will be developing number sense strategies while continuing to develop more speed and accuracy of our basic facts. Fractions, percentages, and decimal numbers will be emphasized in the next months. Our students are writing a "How To" section in their binders to explain how they solve problems and new concepts.



Mr. Sandeen